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People & culture : America is the most popular destination among Indian Students. Most Americans are very hospitable, friendly, kind, generous and accepting of foreigners. The people here are gregarious, funny, innovative and eager to learn things. These are the differential that many international students adopt and try to take home with them.

Technology : Nowadays whatever program a student chooses to pursue in school , he/she uses the computer and other technologies in order to succeed. Many Universities have incorporated the latest technology into their curriculum to encourage the students to obtain proficiency before they go out. The specialized technology , such as the Newest medical equipment in medical schools, allowing the student to maximize their true potential and gaining experience in the real world.

City-Life : Known for its welcoming and embracing culture, the US is home to many immigrants, especially in urban centers of New York, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. From youngsters born in US to professionals who leave behind their homes to fulfill their realistic (or unrealistic dreams), the US is one of the desired destination of a huge world population.

Transportation : The road network in the U.S. is well developed and well maintained. For those who drive, the roads will be a smooth ride and those that don't want to drive or simply can't, in most areas there is a decent public transportation system. In addition, many colleges and universities offer reduced rates to their students for public transportation.

Top Ranked Universities in Sweden

University of Arizona

Tucson, Arizona

George Mason University

Fairfax Country

Oregon State University


Colorado State University

Fort Collins

University of South Florida


Washington State University


University of Texas

San Antonio

Baylor University

Waco, Texas

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Why Study In Sweden ?

Excellent Academics : It is believed that world's finest higher education is available in the U.S., especially in the field of technology. U.S. degrees are accepted across the world and are considered to be among the most prestigious.

Flexibility in Course Curriculum : In addition to their major field of courses , student often have the option to take courses in other subject areas , based on their interests. In addition, the selection of course offerings at most colleges and universities is very large and diverse. Sometimes students may even be able to "cross-register" or take courses at other nearby universities as part of their degree program.

Financial Assistance : Financial assistance is being provided to international students . Many Universities financially support international students either by providing teaching or research assistantship. These assistantships are based on academic merit, rather than financial need

On-Campus Work Opportunities : Colleges & Universities allow international students to work on campus as a part-time employees. Students who are on F-1 student visa Sweden can work on-campus up to 20 hours a week in academic year and upto 40 hours a week in summer vacations.

Job Opportunities/Professional Training : As soon as the student complete their degrees, they are eligibile to work full-time for 1 year in their prospective field in order to gain practical experience (As of 2008, students in certain fields can extend this to 18 months.) This program is called the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program. Many talented students are hired as a permanent employee after they complete their OPT period by securing sponsorship from their employers for an H-1 visa. The H-1B visa is a temporary work permit for foreign nationals to work in specialty occupations like Software, Engineering, Teaching, Accounting, or Marketing. Students may continue their work without leaving the U.S. after the status change approval.

Value : U.S offers a very high quality of education , the success of any student will be directly proportional to the amount of hard work and dedication he/she exercises. The variation of skills & cross-cultural environment makes the learning experience in the US universities a rich & distinctive one.

High Quality Research : If research is the passion , then the U.S is the right choice to choose. Hence , there are innumerable research opportunities in every field that allows students to gain practical experience during the time of their studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Studying abroad after the 12th is possible to learn and gain knowledge from outside of your comfort zone. Studying bachelor’s degree overseas is one of the best choices for students that need a structured learning approach, you can consult with us for further exam and procedure-related details.

The entry requirements for study abroad programs vary between countries and universities, that's why checking the proper information before applying to a specific university is needed. All details of countries, universities, and their eligibility criteria for admission are available on our website.

Yes, studying abroad not only helps to find a better job option but also gives you the chance to enhance your life experiences and education outside your comfort zone in other countries.

Working while studying abroad depends upon the student’s visa whether the country allows you to work or not. In some countries, there are restrictions on the amount of paid work. Often there is a limit which has been set, 20 hours paid work/week during term time and full-time work permitted during any holidays.


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